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Anne U is a Melbourne artist specialising in ceramic sculpture and design. Her work explores the realms that exist between surreal inner worlds and physical reality, drawing inspiration from dreams, pop culture, and human emotions with levity. Through intuitive experimentation and improvisation, she challenges the status quo and pushes the technical limits of materials, creating pieces that are often the by-product of orchestrated chaos and intentional unease. Heavily influenced by unconscious and oneiric imagery, her work all at once exhibits an intriguingly grotesque yet delectable character.

Spectral Tease, 2023
Material: Ceramic, Glaze
Price: $3,800 - Enquiries via

In a playful solo game adopting the cadavre exquis (exquisite corpse) technique, this intuitive arrangement consists of inherently distinct yet harmonious parts of a whole. This body of work explores oneiric visions of a static one-dimensional white plinth taking on shapeshifting forms within a surreal realm.