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The furniture and object design of Charlie White is characterised by the transformation of unlikely materials into design archetypes. Through his arrangement of materials to perform structural functions, White creates an aesthetic language of sombre, gothic plasticity with an economy of means. His seductive and expressive works freely traverse the ambiguity between art and functionality.

Working in Architecture practice, White’s design background is rooted in his formative studies in Fine Art at the Canberra School of Art and the Glasgow School of Art. Along with degrees in Philosophy and Architecture from the University of Melbourne, White’s design work positions itself as part of a greater historical continuity of spatial understanding.

A veteran of Melbourne Design Week exhibitions, works from White’s commission-based practice reside in private collections both in Australia and abroad.

Ghost Plinth, 2023
Cotton, Concrete
Price: $660.00 - Enquiries via

The basic function of a plinth, to raise an object to a comfortable viewing height, is a design challenge in itself. Like building a bridge, the simple task a plinth must perform is to defy gravity in a functional and novel way. The Ghost Plinth, made from discarded towels soaked in concrete, conjures a likeness to the classical fluted column in the folds that establish its structural integrity. Allowed to cure in stasis, the asymmetrical cantilevered design uses less material to make a plinth that is light and easy to move.