Lauren Lea Haynes

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LLh Studio is run by Lauren Lea Haynes (she/her) in Naarm/Melbourne.

The studio focuses on exploring materials and technique within furniture design and sculpture.

The designs and sculptures interchangeably draw from past design movements, art, architecture and nature to explore functional form in a modern setting.

Cu Table

From the designer’s i-phone photo of a Melbourne/Naarm sunset taken one spring afternoon, the Cu Table takes its name, shape, perforated image, and finish. This table is designed to meet the challenge of evoking an emotional response similar to that of a cloudy sunset. ‘Cu’ stands for Cumulus, which are clouds that appear to be puffy, cotton-like, or fluffy in appearance. The Cu table is a fun distraction from the world around us, it aims to spark conversation and joy through cartoonish curves and abstract reflections.


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