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Mietta Greig-Hurtig (she/her) is an emerging designer from, Naarm. Mietta began studying a bachelor of Design at Swinburne University of Technology, however very quickly felt something was missing, finding that her experience within this course did not allow enough options to create with your hands and allow you to realise ideas in a three-dimensional form.

Mietta made a quick decision to leave Swinburne after her first year and move to RMIT’s furniture design course. Mietta was drawn to RMIT’s furniture design course due it’s practical nature, looking to explore the design process from ideation to realisation. During the two years at RMIT her approach to design has been based around exploring varying materials, textures and finishes to create pieces that are tactile, layered, playful and sculptural.

Mietta was inspired during her time at RMIT to challenge herself to explore different manufacturing methods, finishes and working with different materials hoping to create pieces that showcase this exploration. Going forward Mietta is excited to extend her knowledge and practice in design and making.