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Sean Brickhill is a designer/maker based in Naarm, Melbourne. Drawing inspiration from architecture, visual art and sculpture Sean aims to bring a fresh take on furniture design and functional art. He believes in form before function but knows not to neglect the importance function carries in design. He aims to create works that provide traditional function in enterprising and aesthetically engaging ways.

Look for the silver lining (Chet Baker, 1954), 2023
Material: Yellow stringybark, Steel, Tasmanian Blackwood
Price: $3,333 - Enquiries via

‘Look for the silver linings’ is a sculptural piece that merges the elegance of fine craftsmanship with the soulful melody of a trumpet’s intricate valves. The centrepiece crafted from repurposed stringybark salvaged from the worn beam of a dock, embodies the resilience and revival inherent in nature’s treasures.

Three smaller rectangular forms, crafted from a singular piece of Tasmanian blackwood, cradle the salvaged beam. Acting as pedestals to elevate the beam off the ground.

Perched upon this timber stage, three steel disks proudly emerge, akin to the valves of a trumpet, casting a shimmering allure. These disks, polished to a reflective brilliance, symbolize the musical notes that resonate from the trumpet. Whilst acting as “plinth’s” to highlight the objects that sit atop.

The union of timber and metal, weathered history, and modern design, aims to resonate with the viewer, inviting contemplation on the beauty of the imperfections and the harmonious blend of the past and present. ‘Look for the silver lining’ beckons you to pause, reflect, and find the melody within the mundane, the beauty in the weathered, and the promise of hope amid life’s symphony.