Gloam is indeed a feast for the eyes and the stomach. An exhibition that explores the subtle tenets of lighting, displaying artefacts that work as vessels to hold a candle's flame, accompanied by fine wine and rich delicacies.

The exhibition includes a range of multidisciplinary designers with skills in glass blowing, silversmithing, metal working, woodworking, and ceramic practices. Gloam denotes twilight and all of its transitory and transformative qualities, thematically exploring the importance between lighting and object while welcoming the baroque machismo that comes with an open flame.

Annie Paxton
Billie Civello
Bobby Corica
Chong Office
Dalton Stewart
Jill Stevenson
Julian Leigh May
Marlo Lyda 
Nicholas Aylward
Tess Pirrie

Matt McQuiggan

Craft Contemporary
It’s Nice Inside

Exhibition Space:
Oigall Projects